World War III

Feel the heat people!

“War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other.” #sinceForeva

Thermonuclear war Or Chemical war Or Climate Change. Either which way fellas, it’s on.

What’s hot? Why this build up?

Ok. Ok. If you were away from any news for that matter, It’s the Korean Peninsula, Syria-Iraq civil war, Jihadis united across the world and the US. Much to likes of Cersei lannister’s, statement “Power is Power”. 21st century is seeing every nation striving for power more of thermonuclear type. Few went a steps ahead with storing chemical mass destruction weapons too.

Vinaash kaale vipreet buddhi

N. Korea: Here is a reason why the megalomaniac kid nation wants these nuclear toys. They are doing it because this keeps them in power. Its their only leverage.this is the only root to their survival and aid. these little countries have done pretty well by keeping one card in his hands. But hold on and don’t breathe too easy. There is good reason to worry. They know how to rage things up but do they know how to calm them down. US is creating naval base for disrupting N.K. out of maps but only to extend its pokey nose to the big inauguration of destruction or say fire in the hole.

Turkey: While Assad’s ways of dealing not helping the Iraq-Syria civil war, and has 6 million refugees already taken shelter in Turkey. Turkey has its own demands now from the world especially from the UK and Britain. They are threatening European Union and demanding that the EU hand over €3bn promised under the landmark agreement so that Turkish authorities can spend it on Nuc. as they seek nation’s security. If EU backs out, they are gonna release those 6 million refugees into Europe. Imagining the havoc after that threat, EU has its hands down. Step back, if Europe is out Russia is quiet for god knows why, then we have a final powerhouse ready already.  Yeah guess. !China x US!

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, Sudan, Congo are those countries where jihadis are very much operable with all ease. And China, has been making treaties and paying helps to them in nation building with clear intentions of any kinds of favor in return. Point in the world politics, where the bolts and nuts are tightly screwed!

News also says there is this Canadian river which disappeared in just 4 days, thanks to climate change. And we all know climate change, and hope that sort of end is delayed to be saying the least.

What do I mean?

I mean, if they have been prepping this stage believing that it would be only impacting the borders or the skyline or the neighbors den only. Then we have to prep ourselves too believing any kind of nuc or chemical attack wont let anyone of us live on or above the earth surface. Yes, u r right. We need to dig holes and bunkers and keep them handy and livable for couple of centuries. Because that’s what seems a way out now. If not then, bhoj kaal me kumhar ropain chiyan!! (planting seeds of pumpkin at time of party to serve pumpkin pie)


Look guys, I was not into following news for many reasonable reasons for long time. I was too busy myself searching about the tricky concept of monogamy or thinking of being buried in the sea or all that fun of unpredictability of events. But as a matter of fact the situation went by and i couldn’t stop myself from typing into my chapter here.

By the way, i’m pretty much enjoying in Denmark as one of my bucket list item is struck off!!! Hope you have a great time too, and you keep rocking. Yo!!!

Good Luck 🙂

Manish Mayank


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