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All we need is love! Love is enough!

*******************Disclaimer: I am no king of hearts! <3******************************


The things I would wish for. My god. The moment I think about it I realize the list is endless.

The top of the list would be of course to have more time with her.

No question about that.

We all have something inside of us that we desire. That we love.

The fact that we as a species can love the way we do is extraordinary.

Life is amazing.

To love is amazing.

It’s rare.

I sometimes sit lost in thought and look out and ponder the way life is outside of my world which I call it My bubble. My world is beautiful. My world has love. So much love. That is unconditional love. And do you know love is enough. ❤

My bubble also has heartache and pain and friends to hold me during stormy days. Outside my world I see smiles. I see dreams becoming reality. I also see something heavier than that.

I see children running to find their families.

I see bombs falling to find their new homes.

Kids getting scooped up by strangers trying to protect them. I see dissatisfied faces losing hope in love…….Destruction is normal.

I guess what this rant is trying to say is this… Just love.

It’s that easy.

Love is enough.

I do not know if it would last longer. But I make sure I love me now. My impassioned plea to you is the same. Love you now. Let ‘later what happens’ deal with itself later.

We are a spec within a spec and none of us truly knows what the hell is going on. So let us not try and create hate or sadness for whatever things you have decided to follow. We all have come up with our own versions of reality. But if you step out of yourself and truly look at this life, this world, you will see that we have only one thing to give….. and that is love. And you know that Love is enough.

P.S. I do not preach what I do not practice.